Why Armenia?

The Best-Kept Secret At The Crossroads Of Europe & Asia

Competitive Taxation: With rates ranging from 1.5% to 5% under $240 000 USD in turnover, or 18% Corporate Income Tax above that.

Your Low-Tax ‘Secret Weapon’, All Under One Roof!

Experience Doing Business In The ‘Silicon Mountain’ 

Take Advantage Of Competitive Tax Rates, Same Day Business Registration, Easily Hire Top-Talent, And Build A Business In The Next High-Tech Mecca

Live, Work & Adventure Differently

High-Tech Hub: IT Startups can get 0% Corporate Income Tax, and also payroll tax reduction to 10% from the normally applicable 21%. 

Simple Dividends: 5% dividends tax on foreign income, and no limits on foreign money transfers make global business effortless and cost-effective.

Lightning-Fast Business Registration: With freelancer certificates issued within 9 minutes, and LLC incorporation in under 20 minutes, You can have your morning coffee and start doing business less than an hour later!

No Work Permit Needed: For Russian and Belarussian citizens. Just a valid social card (issued within 2-5 business days).

Highly Skilled Multilingual Labor: Tap into the vast pool of talented developers, designers, engineers and others to build your empire, without it costing an arm and a leg, nor worrying about big surprises at the end of each fiscal year.

Easy Connections: Direct connections to Europe, Dubai, Qatar, Russia make doing business between east and west convenient.

Access To 200 Million-Person Market: As a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenian businesses get free-trade and privileged access to large markets in Europe and Asia.

Pro-Business Government: Rapidly democratizing, reforming and creating more transparency, Armenia has shown itself as a pro-business country, with  new reforms to strengthen rule of law, transparency and simplify business already underway and more benefits being added almost monthly.

Internal tax planning

Design of international tax-efficient structures

Legal & Tax advisory

Local and international advice on tax & law


Companies, partnerships, trusts, foundations 

Accounting, VAT, payroll

Accounting, VAT, tax compliance, payroll services

Fiduciary services 

Nominee, trustee, fiduciary, management services

Substance facilities 

Rental of properties, recruitment, business management 

Banking services

Opening of bank accounts abroad, wealth management 

Residency and Immigration

Residency by naturalization, change of residency

Who We Are

Patrick Armen Elliott is the co-founder and director of IBCCS Tax Armenia, and an entrepreneur and consultant that specializes in scaling, branding, and sales.  

Based in Armenia, he helps established businesses and entrepreneurs take advantage of Armenia's competitive tax and investment environment with a focus on high tech, IT, and the services sector.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, having graduated from Concordia University, he went on to live in Spain, Amsterdam, Warsaw, and now Yerevan, Armenia. He's fluent in French, English, Armenian, Spanish and is proficient in both Russian and Polish.

Cezary Zieniuk is the Founder and Managing Director,

Helping people and enterprises to plan their businesses and investments in a tax-efficient manner.

Cezary specializes in international tax planning, tax advice, corporate management, business consulting.

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Why Armenia? 



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